Receptionist cracks the whip!

One of our lovely receptionists made this pathetic garden slave become as one with dirt.  Good.

Salon Kittys Latex Photo Shoot

As you may know, some of the Mistresses of Salon Kitty’s recently participated in an all-latex photo shoot. It was lots of fun getting shiny with everyone, and we hope you enjoy the photos that are currently appearing on the homepage as well as Mistress’ profiles. Here are some ‘behind the scenes’ pics that Mistress Imperia and I took together. Enjoy.


Couples - Training and Guidance.

There are as many ways to "do" BDSM  as there are people, what you can do is almost limitless.  It's the way you pace a session and the  "playing with the senses" which can make the experience thrilling and sexually satisfying without anyone being beaten or bruised.

The Domme in  the relationship I am seeing tonight lacks confidence and the submissive is self conscious and shy. My role was to guide and make suggestions as to what they could experience in a fully equipped room while giving the Domme a few pointers which I believe will enhance their session.

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